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Arthur W. Pink – Studies In Scriptures

Arthur W. PinkArthur Walkington Pink, a Christian evangelist, pastor and Bible scholar,  was born April 1, 1886 in Nottingham, England and died in Stornway (Isle of Lewis), Scotland, on  July 15, 1952.   His parents where Christians, but he became active in the Theosophical society while his father was patiently admonishing him with Scripture.  Eventually, it was Proverbs 14:12Open Link in New Window that was the turning point for him renouncing Theosophy and following Jesus.  

Arthur W. PinkArthur then immigrated to the United States to study at Moody Bible Institute, in Chicago.  He married his Kentuckian wife, Vera, in 1916.    After traveling back to Britain, then serving as an itinerant preacher and pastoring several congregations in Australia and in various areas of the U.S., he settled in Scotland in 1940.

In 1922, Pink began writing Studies in the Scriptures, a monthly magazine concerned solely with the exposition of Scripture.  He eventually wrote over 2000 expository articles and dozens of books.  He was not well known while alive and is often overlooked today.  However, after his death, his books were published by the Banner of Truth Trust and they were able to reach a wide audience, influencing many in the second half of the 20th century to expositional study and preaching, along with Biblical living. In the U.S. his books are published by Moody Press.

“Pink’s view of the Scripture, of doctrine, and of Christian practice was not the view of the twentieth century, nor even of many of his contemporary evangelicals.  Few men have traveled so widely and yet remained so uninfluenced by prevailing opinions and accepted customs.  Independent Bible study convinced him that much of modern evangelism was defective at its very foundations; when Puritan and Reformed books were being thrown out, he advanced the majority of their principles with untiring zeal.  He was, in some ways, a Puritan born out of time.”  (Source: Back inside book cover flap, “The Author“, Moody Press.)

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